Standard Chartered Bank 2019 Graduate Internship - Global Banking in Nigeria

Applications are still open Standard Chartered Bank 2019 - Internship - Global Banking recruitment in Nigeria. The internship programme is intended to prepare participants for the Standard Chartered Bank International Graduate Programme.

Company Profile

Standard Chartered offer banking services that assist companies and people to succeed, by creating wealth and growth across the banking markets. The Bank's values and heritage are expressed in the company's brand promise statement – "Here for good".

The company has more than 86 thousand employees in over 60 different markets, It has recorded a 150-year history in many of the world’s most dynamic regions. As part of its achievements, Standard Chartered Bank is listed on the Hong Kong and London Stock Exchanges as well as the National and Bombay Stock Exchanges in India.

Standard Chartered Bank gives the freedom and accountability for you to make a meaningful difference to what you do, challenge where it could be better while exploring new opportunities for innovation.  Candidate will be part of a more inclusive community moved by integrity and transparency that creates balance in how business is done.

The bank is in need of a wide range of the brightest minds to assist in driving the bank forward so that you can be confident the bank will help you pursue and achieve your ambitions, develop your skills and expand your career both local and abroad.

Clients financial needs are supported through Global Banking with presence across more than 60 markets, providing answers to over 53 thousand clients in many of fastest-growing economies of the world and most active trade ventures. The bank deals with large corporations, banks, investors and governments, headquartered, investing and operating in locations like Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Standard Chartered Bank local presence across these markets enables it to facilitate trade, investment and capital flow in and out and for its presence in China’s Belt and Roads initiative.

Job Details

Standard Chartered Bank’s Internship programme is the Formal Internship Programme in which as a participant, successful candidates will work directly on actual world issues to help build your skills in the summer before the end of your undergraduate study, by creating lasting bonds and learning about your strengths. The Bank's Internship Programme is aimed at creating a pipeline towards the International Graduate Programme which you can be part of in the near future.

Depending on your location, the internships is a ten-week program and is open to candidates who will be available to begin on the full-time graduate programmes come September 2020. The Internships usually take place within the month of June – August, depending on your location.

The 10-week program will include on-the-job training together with an innovation project aimed at exposing you to the core workings of the bank's business to provide you with real workplace experience.

You’ll be joined with one person from the International Graduate (IG) Programme whose responsibility will be to set you up for success during the internship and provide you guides into what could possibly be your next role as an IG as well.

An assigned mentor will provide you with continued guidance and mentorship all through the internship program. Interns who performed excellently will be eligible for placement in the Standard Chartered Bank’s International Graduate Programme.

Eligibility for Standard Chartered  Bank Internships

Only candidates who have the required legal right to stay and work in the country to which they are applying will be considered. Applications from Nationals of Middle Eastern countries as well as North African countries may be considered for candidates who are applying for placement in the UAE.

Applicants are required to be in their penultimate (second to the final) year of their undergraduate study. However, applications from final year undergraduate students who are required to complete mandatory National or Military service after graduation, such NYSC will be accepted.

Please, note that the Bank is not responsible for your work permits for the purposes of these Internships.

Candidates Evaluation Procedure

During the 10th week of employment in the Bank’s Formal Internship Programme, all the participating interns will be evaluated and the evaluations will be used in final recruitment exercise for the International Graduate Programme. This is aimed at providing an engagement offer before the completion of the internship.

How to Apply

Applicants are to apply online through the Standard Chartered Bank's careers and recruitment portal. Interested and qualified candidates should click here to start their application online.

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