OPEC Visiting Research Fellow Programme (VRFP) 2019

Applications are open for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) 2019 Visiting Research Fellow Programme designed to assist experts from the OPEC Member Countries to expand their professional expertise and technical skills in energy-related research.

Company Profile

OPEC is an organization of fourteen oil-exporting developing nations that unifies and coordinates the petroleum policies of its Member Countries in a permanent and intergovernmental manner.

In accordance with the requirements of the OPEC Statute, the organization operates from its Headquarters and secretariat as the executive body of the organization located in Vienna.

OPEC originated in September 1960 from a formation by 5 oil-producing developing countries in Baghdad. The formation occurred during the transition in the international political and economic landscape, with the gaining of independence by states and extensive decolonization in the developing countries.

Objectives of the OPEC Visiting Research Fellow Programme (VRFP)

The objective and aim of the OPEC VRFP are to improve the human capacity of its Member Countries. It is created to assist Oil and Gas professionals from Member Countries of OPEC to develop their technical skills and expertise in energy-related research. Opec intends to achieve this by providing opportunities for participants to become contributory to the organization Secretariat's operation in research through 'learning by doing' and practical experience.

Benefits of VRFP to The Fellows

The following are some of the many ways participants from being part of the VRFP programme:
  • Close participation and involvement in the Secretariat’s studies and research programme
  • Contributing to the Secretariat ongoing projects and strengthening Member Country professionals networks
  • Gaining experience, deepening their knowledge about OPEC and understanding of its priorities, goals, and activities at the Secretariat
  • Participants have the opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research activities and hands-on experience of policy issues on a variety of energy-related topics including climate change
  • Develop their experience professionally through on-the-job practical work assignments
  • Expose participants to interact with researchers from OPEC renowned Members and rich international environment
  • The insights and experience gained at OPEC will help broaden their career possibilities.

Outcome/Deliverables Expected From VRFP

  1. Participants in the programme will contribute and be involved directly in the Secretariat research undertakings
  2. A report on findings of the research projects will be delivered to the Secretariat by the participants
  3. End of assessment presentation will be made by the participants as well as discuss the result from the research with members of the OPEC Secretariat.
  4. The Secretariat shall keep possession of all research intellectual properties after the programme.
  5. Before an applicant is fully accepted into the programme, confidentiality and intellectual property agreement will be signed.

The official working hours of the Secretariat should be observed by the participants during the 6 month duration of the programme.

Conditions for Allowances, Travel, Accommodation, and Insurance

Monthly honorarium stipend of €1,000 will be provided by the Secretariat to assist participants with extra expenses.

Participants are however required to be gainfully employed and should be able to fully cater for themselves financially during their stay in Vienna. Evidence for such must be provided through the applicants' nominating Governor.

Participants are therefore responsible for covering any costs related to their travel or accommodation. Evidence of adequate health coverage, sickness/health insurance must be provided before arriving for the programme in Vienna.

No responsibility for any sickness or health claims will be on the Secretariat during the fellowship period. However, participants will be included in the Secretariate accident insurance scheme during their stay for the programme.

Requirements for Eligibility

  1. Applicant must be from any of the OPEC Member Countries.
  2. Applicants must be supported and nominated by the OPEC Governors of their respective countries;
  3. Applicants should possess at least five years of relevant work experience and be professionals in their field
  4. Applicants should have previous experience in research and must have familiarity with research methodology
  5. Ability to carry out the programme in English, the Secretariats' working language
  6. Submission of applications must be through the relevant Governor for OPEC in their respective country.

Criteria for Selection and Evaluation

Professional merit of candidates and their potential for conducting research successfully will be the major evaluation criteria.

Method of Application

Applicants are required to write an elaborate research proposal in addition to completing the application form which you can download here. The research proposal should be focused on any of the selected research topics listed in the Visiting Research Fellow Programme guide here.

Applicants latest Curriculum Vitae should be attached to their completed application form.

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