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CareersLead is a Candidate Attraction, Career Guide, Job Vacancies, Employment, Career Opportunities and Scholarship Information Providing Center.

Working with major players in the online job and scholarship search Network, CareersLead is poised to achieve rapid growth and win the trust of students, graduates, and experienced job seekers, and employers. Our objective is to help them achieve ambitious goals through optimum use of their talents and exposure to infinite opportunities surrounding them.

Our Mission
The world is moving fast, we are on rescue mission to transform the minds of our people and empower them to move faster by igniting in them passion, enthusiasm, optimism, motivation, curiosity, vision, and the culture of winning. And never to stop at the Impossible.

Our Vision
We're aiming high. We want to offer better services and solutions than anybody else, delivering the best possible user experience on our websites, hence, we want our users / subscribers to think that we are the best career partner. Our Principle It is not what we do, but how we do it. We go extra length to give you the real information and service that will transform your lives for better, not because we want traffic, but because you deserve the best.

Our Principles
  1.  We do our best to provide you with the latest and accurate information
  2.  We do our utmost to protect user privacy through the appropriate use of security technology. This means:
  3. - we ensure that we have appropriate physical and technological security measures to protect your information
  4. - we ensure that when we outsource any processes, the service provider has appropriate security measures
  5.  We will respect your privacy.
  6.  We will collect and use individual user details only where we have legitimate business reasons and are legally entitled to do so.
  7.  We will be transparent in our dealings with you as to what information about you we will collect and how we will use your information.
  8.  We will use personal data only for the purpose(s) for which they were originally collected and we will ensure personal data are securely disposed of.
Our People
CareersLead is founded and owned by Yahaya Mohd - a graduate of Economics, experienced in human resource management. Our Management team is made up of optimists who know that the internet can empower the world. We are a group of IT Professionals, passionate about technology and innovative approach to problem solving. We work from anywhere in the planet earth. As long as we are connected to the Internet. the world indeed has become a global village.

We're excited to show you around and introduce you to our world of possibilities. One thing we assure you is that we will always remain relevant in your voyage for career fulfillment. Embrace Opportunity, Create Possibility and Be Your Best!

Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with us and find out how we can assist you in getting your desired job or scholarship positions. Visit our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages for more information about our services.

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